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The Process


Mayer and CIE German Circular knitting machine with lycra attachment and Matsuya collar knitting machine from Japan are used. Our production capacity is 10,000 kg/per day.


We use Multi flow fully Automatic dyeing machine of 540 kgs and 720 kgs with a production capacity of 10 tons per day. Electronic colour measurement and dyeing ensures even colouring.

Washes such as Enzyme wash, Silicon wash, Vintage wash, Stonewash, Cold pigment wash, Silicon crinkle effect and destroyed wash are used to complete the dyeing process. The fabric is dried through tubular drying and natural drying facilities. Squeezers ( Balloon padding) are used instead of the conventional hydro drying so that the fabric does not face shrinkage, color transfer or damage. The fabric is then passed through relax dryer to ensure that its softness is maintained until the end.


Our Cutting section is well equipped with latest cutting machines for both lay and block cutting. The Custom spreader lays the fabric evenly at high speed and the fabric is cut with Lay Cutting machine.


Our expert technicians are trained in the latest printing technologies such as chest prints, rotary prints (done using stormac 12 colour matching), discharge/reactive printing, spray printing, glitter printing, Plastisol printing, foil printing, high density printing, gel printing, flock and embossing . We also capable of handling water based printing, pigment printing and Non-PVC printing. The printing center is equipped with Automatic chest printing machines (MHM) with a capacity of printing 10,000 pieces per day and semi automatic printing machines with a printing capacity of 8000 pieces per day.


High quality state-of-the art sewing machines from Juki, Siruba and Brother are used in our production section. The area is well lighted with ample space. The production section has a capacity of 1,00,000 pieces per month. The 20,000 sq.ft workspace is installed with more than 150 imported sewing machines.


We follow industry standards in quality control to ensure that our products meet customers’ expectation.


Automated ironing lines work in tandem to ensure smooth ironing of all products. The ironing lines also serve as final quality checking point before the products are packaged for shipping.


We offer both, custom packing as well as standard packing that guarantee safe transit of the products. Packing measures conform to international norms and are periodically updated and monitored by the quality assurance team.